Join Us to Set Up a Commune in the North

Our plan:
– egalitarian – income/wealth sharing, equal access to resources and decision-making
– 100-200 people
– mostly communal, with porous/soft/flexible boundaries (everyone has their own room)
– generating income collectively through community businesses
– relatively self-sufficient and with an understanding that always increasing self-sufficiency is probably wise given the increasing problems facing us/society/the planet
– skill- & knowledge-sharing inside and beyond the community
– a commitment to always improving inter-personal communication and self-knowledge
– enjoy and take pride in work and doing a good job and serving others/the community
– a regenerative approach to the health of the land, ourselves, our relationships and our ecology
– an understanding that the state and capitalism are not our friends
– solidarity and practical aid beyond our community
– an inter-generational community which values the contributions and meets the needs of different age groups: from each according to their ability, to each according to their need.- Being as accessible as possible: physically, mentally and emotionally
– A place of refuge and hope
– Ideally in West or South Yorkshire or East Lancashire.

Currently we are Cath, Mikee, Rachel, Dom, Warren, Sam, Emma and Stu.

If you want to join us at this stage, or you just want to be kept informed of progress, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page. 

If you are interested, we encourage you to read
and to listen to (We’ve made a spreadsheet showing all the different approaches of the communes mentioned in this talk, and where us communards sit on each point, which we can share with you.)

​Contact email: ACommuneInTheNorth [at]

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